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1 February 2016 - You may have noticed that the daynotes.come site has been gone for a while - We've not had control of that since Tom Syroid dropped off the Internet and NSI made it impossible to renew in time. Now it's decision time for this site.

IT IS RENEWAL TIME! The logs make it look like not too many people are using this site, but it costs real money to renew. If enough of you email me ( bilbrey+renew_dn_2016 {at} orbdesigns.com ) then I'll see what I can do, and I'll try to freshen up the links that remain active. But if NO ONE SPEAKS UP, I will let this site fade into the sunset. Your call. Thanks for your active attention.

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Daynotes.net - More of this, and less of that. This is the alter-ego of the late and formerly canonical Daynotes.com site. The links on both were pretty much the same with one significant deviation that you'll have to figure out on your own.

Welcome! Follow links. Read, laugh, learn new things, cry at the futility of it all. But don't expect us to make sense of it for you. Enjoy!


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